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  • Our Printing House does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any differences in colour combinations following the conversion of colour space others than CMYK or additional colours (e.g.. PANTONE, HKS, etc.). When sending files in colours other than the colours required in the specification, the Client agrees to making conversions and assumes responsibility for all colour differences following this action.
  • In case of more complicated orders, it is recommended to attach printouts of the materials.
  • Our Printing House is not obliged to check the delivered files and it only verifies the general correctness of delivered files. We do not check files in detail and we do not guarantee that all errors and non-conformities have been discovered.
  • File contents are not verified.
  • Our Printing House takes no responsibility for the content or possible errors in a publication.



  • Sheet-fed printing, sheet maximum size: B+;
  • Four-colour work is meant as printing with CMYK inks;
  • Use of additional colours (Pantone) should be clearly stated already at an inquiry stage and repeated in an order. Costs of printing with Pantone are higher than with CMYK.
  • Pantone colours should be indicated according to the Pantone template.
  • Prints from earlier editions do not represent proofs and may be only used as references for a print operator. It is possible that different colour combinations are obtained each time because the method of material preparation, printing process and arrangement of a given piece on a sheet are different. Moreover, paper colour and printing inks change with time.
  • Maximum ink coverage should not exceed:
    • 320% for printing on coated papers
    • 270% for printing on not coated papers

Selective UV varnishing

  • Maximum sheet size is B2
  • Minimum line width to ensure correct reproduction of varnishing is up to 0.5 mm (in reverse 1mm)
  • UV varnish can change the hue of some inks
  • Acceptable off-set is up to 0.5 mm

3D varnishing

  • No cutting or bending line can run through the 3D varnish – no chips or varnish peeling from the substrate.
  • line thickness is 1 mm; if the lines of varnished elements are thicker than 10 mm, the effect of lacquer collapse from the edge towards the centre can occur.
  • Acceptable off-set is up to 0.5 mm.

Embossing- hotstamping

  • We perform it on assembled folded covers.
  • width of lines to ensure correct reproduction of a drawing is 0.5 mm (1 mm for reverse).
  • Drawings cannot be selected under the film.
  • We do not offer embossing, hot stamping on bleeds, a join area or on cardboard covers. This is available from subcontractors.
  • Acceptable off-set is up to 0.5 mm.



  • Folding of sheets (folds with 4,8,12,16,32 pages) – deviation up to 1.5 mm.
  • Block (3 pages) cutting deviation is up to 1 mm.

Simple binding KM 600

  • 100×120 mm, hot melt glued, PUR, 100×140 mm, thread sewing.
  • 320×380 cm.
  • Width of book spine 2-60 mm, 2-50 mm for books with flaps.

 Hard cover BF 530

  • 100×140 mm – Max. 280×375 rounded spine, 305×375 straight spine.
  • Width of book spine: 2-80 mm.

Composite cover Kolbus DA 270

  • Open cover, min. 205×140 mm
  • 670×390 mm
  • Cardboard thickness 1-4 mm

Integrated cover or Petrato flaps

  • 200×150 – Max. 1000×450
  • cover width with the flaps 920 mm
  • book integrated spine width 8 mm
  • Integrated cover + cover with flaps, preferred Arktika paper 250g

Kolbus SU651 – for book jackets

  • Book format min. 100×125 – Max. 300×390
  • Width of back spine min. 8 mm
  • Book jacket format min. 300×125 mm – Max. 900×390 mm
  • Width of flaps 50×150 mm



  • Standard packages are shrink wrapping up to 7 kg
  • Cardboard boxes up to 10 kg
  • Loose on a pallet
  • We do not pack in paper packages


  • Complaints are handled within 2 weeks.
  • Any changes concerning orders (format, colour, volume) must be confirmed by e-mail.
  • Our Printing House reserves the right to change prices or withdrawal from execution of an order after becoming familiar with a graphic design.
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