Statement concerning the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic

Dear Sir/Madam,
please be advised that Olsztyńskie Zakłady Graficzne SA follows WHO and Main Sanitary Inspectorate guides and counsels. The company has taken into account all available health and hygiene measures and practices.
On Wednesday, March 11, the Polish Government decided to suspend teaching activities on March 16-25, and the activities of kindergartens, nurseries, schools and all educational establishments are suspended on these days.
Parents who have no one to look after children under 8 years of age can take care of their children at home. At the moment, we have not noticed increased employee absenteeism in relation to previous months. However, we do not know how long the current situation will last. There is information that educational institutions may be closed until mid-April. We currently have no information about how many employees will use this option in the near future.
Since March 15, the borders of the country are closed – there are controls at each border and it is impossible to predict how much time drivers will have to spend at the borders. We have information that there are up to 50 km lines on the Polish borders, which make crossing the country borders much more difficult. This situation can affect for the supply of materials. We also receive information that transport companies refuse to go to Italy. Material stocks are currently available, but the situation may change if we suddenly receive several orders requiring more than 20 tons of paper. That is why we kindly ask you to inform us about possible large orders as soon as possible.
According to the information received, many of you work at home and this may explain why sometimes the delivery of a file or the final approval to a printout is delayed, which affects the delivery date.
Please understand that in this case we will have to change the delivery date.
Some of our office employees work from home. All employees are constantly reminded to take care of themselves and their colleagues, maintaining a distance of 2 m and regularly disinfecting hands and workplaces.
As a company, we strive to take care of our employees and make every effort to be productive and make them feel safe and healthy.
We all going through a difficult period and we do not know what the next day can bring us. We promise to keep you updated and try to find the best feasible solution in every situation that may happen.

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